Sunday, September 30, 2012

mistakes and moving forward

My brother over at Mechanish crafted these great steel legs from some drawings that I made.  I routered out a spot in the bottom of my window bench to allow the plates to sit flush with the bottom of the bench. 

Ahh...a nice fit.

Testing out the t-nuts that I installed so that the brackets can be removed for shipping.
Unfortunately, as I started work on installing the t-nuts to the other side, I discovered that I had routered out the area for the bracket on the wrong side of the line I measured—time for some repairs!
A reminder for the future.
I started working the transition piece for the shade of my Through The Forest Lamp—it's made from a vintage jello mold tin that I cut and bent to form the shape-I had a lot of fun experimenting with this.
I've posted a couple peeks of my new studio space over at CoRK, but thought I'd post some more pics of the space-it's still a work in progress, but it's great to have plenty of room to work amongst so many talented artists.
A wide-angle shot of the studio-I'm slowly cleaning and replacing the windows to let in more light and enjoy the view-when I moved in, there were all completely covered in grime.
Here's that great view—and the trains run by regularly :)

Another side of the studio.
I found this old door in the corner of the warehouse space and turned it into a spot to hold some of my hand tools.
Here's my area to draw and plan out projects-I painted the wall with chalkboard paint for sketching.

Here's the before, midway through the chalkboard wall repairs, it was a mess.

My wall of treasures...oh the possibilities!
More treasures, I found this ladder on the curb one morning while walking the dogs and carried it all the way home.  I think my free MDF shelving is going to need replacing soon though, it's really sagging (darn that Florida humidity!)
A little lath detail on one of the workbenches I built.

I can make a lamp out of those rulers, right?

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